27 September, Thursday

28 September, Friday

29 September, Saturday

30 September, Sunday

27 September 2018, Thursday
Time/Hall Gordion Auditoryum Angora A Angora B Angora C
08:00-10:00 Registration
10:00-11:00 Opening Ceremony (Auditoryum)
11:00-11:50 Coffee Break
11:50-12:40 Chairman:
Prof.Dr. Sema Belli

Regenerative endodontic procedures: An update
Prof.Dr. Zafer C. Çehreli
Prof.Dr. Onur Şengün

Management of risks & complications in implantology
Prof.Dr. Orhan Güven
Prof.Dr. Murat Akkaya

Biological approaches in periodontal regeneration, the role of inflammation and treatment
Prof.Dr. Hatice Hastürk
Prof.Dr. Timuçin Baykul

Bone-augmentation: no-go versus go-for on a longterm
Dr. Gerhard Seeberger
12:40-14:30 Lunch
14:30-15:20 Chairman:
Prof.Dr. Volkan Şahin

Screws and prosthesis
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Tuncer Burak Özçelik
Prof.Dr. Kıvanç Kamburoğlu

Clinical and radiographic evaluation with case presentations
Prof.Dr. Ayşe Gülşahı
Prof.Dr. Turhan Atalay

Dermatologic lesions of the oral mucosa
Prof.Dr. Ömer Günhan
Prof.Dr. Alpdoğan Kantarcı

New technologies for periodontal and peri-implant soft tissue regeneration
Prof.Dr. Anton Sculean
15:20-16:10 Chairman:
Prof.Dr. Kamran Gülşahı

The road map of root canal treatment from isolation to obturation
Prof.Dr. Mehmet Baybora Kayahan
Prof.Dr. Cavidan Akören

Frequent complications seen on implant supported fixed restorations and ways to handle them
Prof.Dr. M. Kemal Ünsal
Prof.Dr. Gürhan Çağlayan

Platelet rich fibrin (PRF) applications
Prof.Dr. Erhan Fıratlı
Assoc.Prof.Dr. İ. Doruk Koçyiğit

Immediate root analogue zirconia implants (RAZI) placed non-surgical
Dr. Wolfgang Pirker
16:10-16:50 Coffee Break
16:50-17:40 Chairman:
Prof.Dr. Atilla S. Ataç

Dental injuries in children and adolescents: What should the dentist do?
Prof.Dr. Ece Eden
Prof.Dr. Mehmet Baybora Kayahan

The best post is ‘no post’: Is it really true?
Prof.Dr. Sema Belli
Prof.Dr. Gürcan Eskitaşçıoğlu

Material choice in reconstructive dentistry: Clinical concepts and applications
Prof.Dr. Mutlu Özcan
The role of peri-implant soft tissues for long term implant success

Prof.Dr. Ateş Parlar

An overview to peri-implant soft tissues in regards to health, function and esthetics
Prof.Dr. Ateş Parlar

Morphogenesis of the peri-implant soft tissue seal
Prof.Dr. Niklaus Lang

The effects of soft tissue augmentation around the implant and long-term success of surgical regimens
Prof.Dr. Anton Sculean

17:40-18:30 Chairman:
Prof.Dr. Volkan Şahin

Monolithic zirconia restorations with full digital process
How reasonable?
Prof.Dr. Oğuz Ozan
Prof.Dr. Esra Can

Monochrome anterior composite restorations: Opportunities and limitations
Ass.Prof.Dr. Bora Korkut
Prof.Dr. Ömür Özsoy

Treatment timing of malocclusions; early or late?
Prof.Dr. S. Burçak Çehreli
Prof.Dr. Ayça Arman Özçırpıcı